"The Nails" is Here!

“The Nails,” 1TK’s debut CD, is releasing on January 1, 2017. Ten songs. Six on-fire musicians. One True King. Pre-order your copy today.

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One True King

One True King is a contemporary Christian rock band, reminiscent of yesteryear with a solid classic rock sound—Third Day meets Casting Crowns. Our music blurs genre lines and delivers an authentic message of the forgiveness and restoration available through Jesus Christ.

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To Whom Shall We Go?

To Whom Shall We Go?

When someone close to you lets you down, even if it was unintentional, it can be a painful experience. You might feel like your hopes have been dashed, and now you must regroup mentally and emotionally and come up with “Plan B.” Recovering from such an experience...

Just Have Faith

Just Have Faith

Reading my Bible can be a chore. I’m not ashamed to own it. Hold on, put your rocks down for a minute. I know I’m not supposed to say that. I’m supposed to say that every time I break open the Word of God, light shines down from heaven and angels sing the Hallelujah...