Mike Adomeit • Bass & Vocals

Mike was more than a ten-year veteran of the mid-Michigan music scene when he was blessed with an epiphany. “I was playing with a local band at a multi-day rock festival,” Mike remembered, “and between sets I had the chance to watch each of the featured bands perform. After a while, though, I began to notice that it didn’t matter how legendary of a band was playing, or how good their performance was, every band was all but forgotten as soon as the next one took the stage. Even those bands that brought a so-called ‘message’ with them inspired people no further than the nearby beer tents.”

“It was at that moment that God opened my eyes exactly how purposeless and fleeting the fame I had spent over a decade seeking really was. He had given me a deep passion for music, and I was completely squandering His gift in an attempt to glorify myself,” Mike explained. The next day, Mike began cutting ties with his bands, and decided he would no longer pick up his bass unless God was glorified in the process. He began playing at local churches, and became involved with local Christian band Living Stones (along with two of his fellow 1TK bandmates) before becoming a founding member of One True King.

When not on the road or in the studio with One True King, Mike works as a reporting specialist at a major corporation, and occasionally also as a freelance computer tech. He and his wife Mauria live in the Great Lakes Bay region of Michigan, along with their son and daughter. Mike’s hobbies include visiting amusement parks, playing video games with his kids, anything related to Doctor Who or great food (particularly sushi), and—of course—spending time with his family whenever possible.

Mike’s Stage Gear

  • Basses
    • G&L L2000
    • G&L L2500
    • Fender P-Bass
  • Amps
    • Markbass LM II Marco L.E.
    • David Eden D115XLT
  • Outboard Gear & Effects
    • Line 6 G50 Wireless
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