Mike Stillwagon • Lead Guitar

The youngest of six children, Mike was born in eastern central Michigan. Inspired by one of his older brothers, Mike started playing guitar at the age of nine. Under the tutelage of a phenomenal local musician and music store owner, Mike was taking college-level music classes before he had a driver’s license. As a result, he was playing for wedding receptions by age 15, and bars shortly thereafter.

As is often the case, a predictable succession of bar bands (in addition to being employed as a bar manager) led to equally predictable self-destructive habits; in short, drinking was the first order of business and business was good. In spite of persistent efforts, Mike eventually came to the realization that drinking successfully was a skill that would continue to elude him for life and that the path he was on could only lead to a very dark and unpleasant place. Seeing no other viable alternatives, Mike turned his life over to the care of God and has found it entirely unnecessary to take a drink since December 18, 1993.

Mike’s passion for music found a new sense of direction, and he began playing with any Christian musicians he could find. He eventually landed a gig with Craig Lang, who scored a top 10 single in several markets in the United States.

Mike and his lovely wife Holly are blessed to be called Mom and Dad by their children Dayton, Grace, Lillie and Autumn. In addition to their forever kids, Mike and Holly are foster parents for children in need, as well as the occasional cat or dog.

Mike makes his living as an insurance agent. In his limited spare time, he enjoys woodworking, computers, and fixing and maintaining his guitars.

Mike’s Stage Gear

  • Guitars
    • 2006 Gibson SG Classic, loaded with DiMarzio DLX Plus pickups
    • Epiphone Custom Shop ’58 V, loaded with Gibson 490R/498T pickups
    • Fender Modern Player Telecaster
  • Amps
    • EVH 5150 III 50-watt Head
    • 2x12 Cabinet fitted with WGS Speakers
  • Outboard Gear & Effects
    • DigiTech GSP-1101
    • Line 6 G30 Wireless
  • Miscellaneous
    • Ernie Ball Slinkies
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