Nick Woolard • Drums

Nick “Wooly” Woolard is a newcomer to the music scene, but is quickly mastering the drums. At merely 15 years old, he possesses natural talent and a work ethic that propels him further, faster and higher than most musicians twice his age and three times his experience.

He’s also a talented songwriter, guitarist, bassist and arranger, and his star has just begin to rise. The future is so bright, he’s buying shades! When he’s not out with One True King, he plays drums in the praise band at his local church.

Nick loves to play video games, fish, hike, drive fast and be silly!

Nick’s Stage Gear

  • Drums and Cymbals
    • ddrum Dominion shells
    • Zildjian A Custom cymbals
    • DW 9000-series hardware
    • PDP drum rack
  • Miscellaneous
    • Audix D-series drum mics
    • Tuxedo shell cases
    • Vic Firth “Buddy Rich” Signature sticks
    • Evans drum heads
    • Drum Dial drum tuning systems
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